Language school bariloche ( admin posted on May 13th, 2013 )

Escuela de Idiomas en Bariloche

The Up Languages ​​is a modern school, based on excellence in teaching languages​​.
The student receives encouragement to fully develop their ability to communicate in the new language, allowing for the practice of conversation, accompanied by reading, listening and writing.
The classes deal with current issues and interesting, with emphasis on individual student needs and their professional area.
Tours, cultural programs and social events are part of the teaching methodology of the school, encouraging students to put their knowledge into practice.
The Up works with a different methodology, seeking to meet the needs of each student. The groups are leveled according to the knowledge of the language, age, and interest in the study. A high yield is achieved in each class, due to the reduced number of maximum 5 students per class.


The classes are fun and based on solid communication processes with emphasis on conversation. Students are encouraged to express themselves in the language they are learning, free form, approaching the form of the learning of the first language.


Up All teachers have complete mastery of the language they teach. They go through a rigorous selection process in which attributes are evaluated as to their teaching, language skills, empathy with students and dynamism.

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